04 July 2024


F. Ramos earns the bronze medal from EcoVadis for its commitment to sustainability.


At F. Ramos, we are pleased to announce that we have earned the bronze medal from EcoVadis, a recognition awarded to the top 35% of companies for their sustainability management over the past 12 months. This prestigious award reflects the quality of our environmental management system and reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and the environment.




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14 December 2017


Freight transport


29 November 2017


Operador certificado por Qualimat Transport


09 November 2017


Conference at IES Vidal i Barraquer of Tarragona


06 September 2017


Transport in containers


04 May 2017


Transport in food tanks


30 March 2017


Transportation of category 3 SANDACH products


16 February 2017


Transportes F. Ramos with the AFIM Foundation


25 January 2017


Transportes F. Ramos organizes a food handling course


22 December 2016


Traceability of the product: What it is and why it is so important


15 November 2016


Flexitank: the most efficient solution for transporting liquid liquids


31 October 2016


Our commitment to sustainability and the environment



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