25 January 2017


Transportes F. Ramos organizes a food handling course


More than 60 workers from Transportes F. Ramos participated in a food handling course on January 14th and 21st.


All stages of the supply chain must comply with a set of standards and good practices for a product to arrive in the best possible state and with the highest hygiene guarantees. In that sense, the part related to transport and food logistics is vital: Activities such as loading and unloading of food as well as the characteristics of transport must guarantee an excellent food security.

In Transportes F. Ramos we are very demanding with the logistics of food. Our main objective is that the product arrives with the same level of quality with which it was delivered, in perfect conditions and guaranteeing maximum food safety. That is why we provide the technology, methodology and personnel necessary to meet all requirements. Our last action, the organization of a course of food handling directed to our transport staff.

The food handling course was held at Valora Prevención (Reus) on 14 and 21 January 2017 with the aim of updating and reinforcing good practices in food transport and logistics.

Although the transport staff do not have direct contact with the product, the course makes it possible to raise awareness about the importance of loading, unloading and transporting food

Food transport systems are designed so that the product always travels in isolation, avoiding any contact with the outside at all times. Even so, the course made it possible to make workers aware of the measures to be taken, such as:

  • Perform loading and unloading in the shortest possible time
  • Check the integrity and temperature of the product as well as the tightness of the container
  • Cleaning and disinfection of both transport and vehicle personnel

We have our own washing station to ensure the highest hygiene and safety guarantees

Food safety and product traceability is a priority for us. To comply with the highest demands, in Transportes F. Ramos we go one step further:

  • We have highly qualified professionals who carry out the best practices in the field of food transport.
  • We control all phases of transport, from the departure to the delivery of the food, offering a comprehensive service.
  • We have a own washing station, Madi Reus, to control a perfect cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles.
  • We carry out a thorough monitoring of the merchandise through a system that informs about the position and temperature at which the food is at all times. In this way we guarantee that the food arrives in perfect conditions.
  • We use the most hygienic and safe systems in liquid food transport, such as Flexitank.

We use Flexitank, a flexible bag of single use that guarantees the maximum conditions of hygiene

Flexitank is a seura, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for transporting bulk liquids. This system allows loading and unloading of the product faster and easier, eliminates any risk of contamination and is suitable for multimodal transport.




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