31 October 2016


Our commitment to sustainability and the environment


In Transportes F Ramos we're strongly committed to sustainable development and the environment. Aware of the environmental impact involved in our business, we undertake strategies to minimize our environmental footprint.


In this area, one of our recent actions has been the renovation of much of our fleet of tractors to Euro 6 engines, a new technology that dramatically reduces NOx emissions and particulate matter. With our latest acquisition of 9 tractors Scania Euro 6 (an investment of over € 700,000) and a total of 22 tractors with this technology in our park. Keep in mind that technology EURO 6 just takes a couple of years in use.

What is EURO 6?
EURO 6 is a regulation of the European Commission with the aim of reducing the toxic gases from new cars and trucks. Since 2014, the legislation requires that vehicles sold incorporate EURO 6 engine but does not prohibit vehicles with old engines that are already in circulation.

Specifically, the EURO 6 norm limits to 0.08 g / kWh NOx gas and 0.01 g / kWh PM particles, a reduction of more than half compared to the previous EURO 5 standard.

Therefore, engine technology EURO 6 include components that reduce NOx emissions and particulate matter (PM) such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons produced during combustion.

To reduce these emissions, EURO 6 engines use SCR catalyst (Selective Catalytic Reduction), a component of the engine that neutralizes the gases thanks to AdBlue. AdBue The compound is a urea additive that is mixed with gases and converts nitrogen oxide into water, nitrogen and carbon dioxide small particles.

Other actions we take to reduce our environmental footprint
Transportes F. Ramos also renew over 30% of our fleet of tractors for EURO 6, we also use special wheels that carry a lower rolling resistance of the floor. Thus, the engine requires less fuel to do the same route and emits less gases.

On the other hand, Transport F. Ramos efficient use of intermodal transport, ie we choose the mode of transport by land, sea or air as more efficient way.




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