04 May 2017


Transport in food tanks


In Transportes F. Ramos we are dedicated to transport in food tanks for over 30 years. We transport liquid and bulk food products such as milk, wine, oil, sugar or flour, carrying out the best practices, ensuring traceability and food safety at all times.


These are some of the characteristics of our food tank transport service:

  • Quality Certifications ISO and Qualimat
  • Constant renewal of the vehicle fleet
  • Optimum maintenance of cisterns
  • Thorough hygiene and cleanliness after each trip
  • Highly trained team of professionals
  • Reducing environmental impact

Ensuring food traceability
In addition to complying with all applicable regulations in the field of transport of food liquids in Europe, we carry out best practices to ensure traceability and food safety, such as:...

  • Geolocation of fleets by GPS device
  • Optimum cleaning and maintenance of food tanks
  • Cooling or heating systems in tanks
  • Bacteriological filters

Our door-to-door transport
We highlight our door-to-door transport service, either by road or intermodal transport. We collect the goods at our customers' premises, choose the most suitable methods for their transport and take them to the final delivery point. This allows us to increase the efficiency, speed and quality control of transported food products.

Door-to-door service has the following advantages:

  • Improved storage conditions: Using a single tank throughout the entire journey reduces the risk of contamination and ensures optimum storage conditions.
  • Optimization of time: Greater speed in the transport in food storage tanks, complying strictly with delivery times.
  • Versatility in different types of transport: Through the intermodal transport service we choose the most efficient mode of transport according to the route section.

Own washing station
In order to control the entire process and ensure maximum quality guarantees, Transportes F. Ramos has had its own washing station for food tanks for more than 15 years. MADI Reus is the company in charge of the washing and vaporization of tanks and food containers with which we carry out:

  • Microbiological washing
  • Washing of refrigerators
  • Washing of food tanks
  • Powder washing
  • Washing IBC' s
  • Washing the outside vehicle

Our food tanks
All our food tanks are newly manufactured and high-tech. The equipment of our food tanks is as follows:

  • Pumps
  • Heating
  • Compressors
  • Bacteriological filters
  • Security features
  • Pasarel-la augmented
  • Tray to avoid overflows
  • Separate compartments

We have a wide variety of containers and tanks that adjust to the needs and specifications of each client. Among our containers, we have cargoes between 25,000 and 31,000 liters to suit different sizes of demand. These containers are prepared for intermodal transport, being able to travel by land, sea or air from the same container.

We also have the Flexi-Tank or flexible tank system, a packaging system that allows the transport of bulk food liquids by sea in conventional containers.

Flexi-Tank is a single-use, optimizing hygiene and safety, has a guaranteed availability and optimizes the price of transport.

Finally, we have different types of food tanks adapted to the characteristics of each load. Our tanks have different compartments to make the journey more efficient and thus ensure optimum hygiene and maintain the quality of the food product.




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