04 July 2024


F. Ramos earns the bronze medal from EcoVadis for its commitment to sustainability.


At F. Ramos, we are pleased to announce that we have earned the bronze medal from EcoVadis, a recognition awarded to the top 35% of companies for their sustainability management over the past 12 months. This prestigious award reflects the quality of our environmental management system and reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and the environment.


This achievement is the result of the effort and dedication of our entire company and each of our team members. We want to thank everyone for their commitment and contribution. Thank you!

We specialize in liquid bulk logistics, offering efficient and sustainable solutions for transporting FOOD and FEED products. Our goal is to ensure that each shipment arrives at its destination in perfect condition while minimizing our environmental impact. This recognition from EcoVadis motivates us to continue innovating in sustainable logistics.


F. Ramos earns the bronze medal from EcoVadis for its commitment to sustainability and quality in environmental management.


Transparency and effective communication are fundamental in our daily operations. This recognition reinforces our commitment to moving towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

We work with our suppliers and partners to implement technologies that reduce emissions and improve efficiency. The EcoVadis bronze medal is a testament to our efforts and an incentive to continue in this direction.

We appreciate everyone who has been part of this journey towards sustainability. Thank you for being part of this path towards a better future!




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