15 January 2019


he way to achieve more sustainable transport and logistics


One of the main concerns of today's society is the increasing pollution of our atmosphere. Regulations to preserve the environment are becoming more and more restrictive, such as, for example, the limitation of vehicle traffic in cities or the reduction of polluting particles in the gases produced.


Sustainability and efficiency are values that have been present since the foundation of the Transportes F. Ramos group, through different technological innovations that reduce the ecological footprint. For example, the renewal of a large part of the fleet of vehicles with Scannia's AdBlue gas neutralizer or the layout of more efficient routes.

Inevitably, the development of transport and logistics involves achieving faster and more efficient shipping and reducing environmental impact. Some of the trends in this sector for 2019 are the digitization of the supply chain and robotization in the work chain. On the one hand, the digitization of communication processes allows value to be added to the work chain, as well as greater control. As far as the robotization of some actions is concerned, it makes it possible to speed up processes, improve safety and speed up deliveries. These technologies also make it possible to integrate processes, obtain information in real time, as well as artificial intelligence or geolocation. Data collection and analysis can improve transport routes, thus increasing sustainability.

By way of illustration, we can see how the Sustainability in Logistics and Transport Conference held in Zaragoza in 2017 and organised by UNO (Logistics and Transport Business Organization) dealt with issues such as the management of the CO2 footprint through carbon-neutral transport, the optimisation of last mile deliveries, low-power, long-range networks and the use of various tools for sustainable management.

In Transportes F. Ramos, as a company committed to reducing CO2, we are attentive to the innovations that are appearing in the market to improve the efficiency and sustainability of transport. The road to decarbonization of transport is a challenge for companies in this sector, however, we consider it necessary in the world where we live.




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