Road Transport


Sustainability and speed in transporting bulk liquids.


Road transport


Road transportation of liquid foodstuffs and bulk liquids


We guarantee a reliable, flexible, safe and fast road transportation.




At F. Ramos, we are constantly innovating and keeping up to date with the latest technological advances to guarantee a fast and safe transportation under the best transport conditions. We are convinced that we can exceed all your expectations in the transportation of your goods.


  • 24/7 service availability
  • Speed
  • GPS tracking
  • Modern and sustainable fleet



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Our tanks


F. Ramos Transport tanks are equipped with the most suitable accessories for self-unloading, double lids for greater safety, enlarged trays with anti-skid to provide both the driver and the operator with greater safety and mobility, and also digital and analogue thermometers for greater temperature control. In addition, they allow products to be transported under an inert atmosphere to avoid oxidation or environmental contamination. All tanks are stainless steel and isothermal, and comply with the ATP regulations for perishable products applicable in the European Union.

These are our tanker models at your disposal at F. Ramos:

Standard tankers, with the best storage solution for your product.

Autonomously heated tankers with lobe pumps for unloading dense products such as chocolate, glucose, honey...

Jumbo tankers, which allow the separate storage of goods for human and animal consumption, ensuring their traceability.

Mono or multi ultra-light tankers, with a load capacity of 27.5 tonnes.


Increasing sustainability


At F. Ramos, we are highly committed to sustainable development to protect the environment. We continuously implement strategies to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.

We are constantly renewing and modernising our tractorhead fleet, and we use special tyres that have less rolling resistance against the ground.

These measures help to reduce emissions of NOx gases and particulate matter (PM), such as carbon monoxides and hydrocarbons generated during combustion.


Reliability and speed


At F. Ramos we guarantee reliable, flexible, safe and fast road transport. We are constantly innovating and keeping up to date with the latest technological advances to ensure efficient transport in the best conditions. We are convinced that we can exceed your expectations in the transportation of your goods; do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.


Smart logistics


The long experience of Transportes F. Ramos in the field of food liquids and bulk liquid transportation gives us the strength and confidence to design and offer logistical solutions to satisfy your transport needs. We have a tracking system that allows us to provide you with additional information on the condition, location and traceability of your product.




At F. Ramos, we design customised road transport strategies: we study each case individually in order to offer the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution.


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SANDACH-certified tanks for the transport of cat. 3 products


Modern and sustainable fleet


Temperature controlled tanks


Self-unloading systems


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