09 April 2018


Advantages of intermodal transport


Intermodal transport is one of the most widely used methods in international trade because it facilitates operations and cost control. In addition, intermodal transport uses Intermodal Transport Units (ITUs), making it much more practical, safe and efficient.


Why is intermodal transport increasingly used?
One of the main reasons for the boom in multimodal transport has been determined by unfavourable characteristics in traditional road transport, marked by rising fuel prices, a shortage of drivers and limited truck capacity.

In addition, the improvement of infrastructure, the rethinking of logistics strategies and cost savings have led to a combination of different modes of transport through a single loading unit.

Advantages of intermodal transport
Below we detail the advantages of intermodal transport used in Transportes F. Ramos: Intermodal Transport

  • Greater safety: By using the same transport unit, the risks of transshipment are reduced.
  • Greater agility and speed: Saving time in transshipment reduces waiting times, eliminates downtime and, as a result, final transport is faster.
  • Lower cost in the total transport operation: The most efficient transport combination is applied in each case.
  • Less bureaucracy: Having a single carrier that manages all the operations during transport reduces bureaucracy, simplifies paperwork and reduces controls, making it more convenient for the user.
  • Possibility of grouping loads: Intermodal transport allows grouping loads, favouring new commercial opportunities.
  • Reduced risk of loss or theft: Since the load is closed from start to finish, all risks associated with intermediate points are reduced.
  • Improved tracking of goods: The control of goods is improved by electronic data interchange or EDI.





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