22 March 2023


New photovoltaic panel system at our headquarters


As part of our commitment to incorporate sustainable and energy-saving solutions, we are pleased to have implemented the installation of a new photovoltaic panel system at our headquarters in Vila-seca (Tarragona).


Specifically, it consists of 73 modules of 550Wp each made up of monocrystalline panels -with greater efficiency and performance than polycrystalline panels- and with PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology, which means that there is an additional layer on the back of the panels that reflects back towards the cell, which increases their overall efficiency. All this, resulting in a total installed peak power of 40.15kWp.


It consists of 73 modules of 550Wp each made up of monocrystalline panels


Thus, the installation has an annual production of 61,760kWp per year of electrical energy, which represents a ratio between production and consumption of 55%. This leads to a CO2 emission saving of 22 tonnes per year, which is an important fact to take into account. On the other hand, the total amortisation of the system is expected to take less than three years.

In short, this is a facility that we will be extending in a few months' time and which represents an investment in energy savings in addition to the other measures that we are progressively incorporating to make our transport company increasingly sustainable.




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