25 July 2019


New technologies in the logistics and transport sector


In the field of logistics and transport, technology is a key element of competitiveness for companies. In addition to being demanded by customers, technology means a reduction in delivery times, minimisation of errors and better cost analysis.


When we talk about technology, we are generally referring to improvements in connectivity and digitization, which affect both warehouse management and delivery conditions and traceability. These advances will be protagonists in the coming years. In fact, the automation of logistics activities is a process that is already underway. It is estimated that by 2022, 40% of the world's warehouses will have automated location and picking systems. However, all this makes it necessary to implement better security protocols, both cybernetic and physical.

  • 2020 will be the decade of change towards digitalisation in transport

Over the next decade, freight transport will be marked by a new technological revolution. Connectivity, clean energy and autonomous driving are the challenges of the not-so-distant future. Companies are betting on making large investments in new technologies, to the point of converting logistics into an intensive economic sector in the use of new technologies.

Another trend in transport and logistics are the use of sensors to provide more information on trucks on the road, the use of robots and drones or the increased use of Big Data.

In short, automation and the massive use of data will be boosted in the coming years in order to provide a better forecast of demand, analyze consumer behavior and even to optimize the recruitment of personnel.




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