15 November 2016


Flexitank: the most efficient solution for transporting liquid liquids


Flexitank is currently the most efficient, flexible and economical alternative to transporting liquid food. It is a disposable and recyclable polyethylene bag, providing a safe and environmentally friendly solution for transporting liquid food. In addition, the Flexitank allows to reduce enough associated costs, compared to other systems.


If you want to know more about the Flexitank, then we explain all the details.

What is Flexitank?
Flexitank is a polyethylene bag capable of storing up to 24,000 liters of non-hazardous product. This system is installed inside a standard 20'DV container and discarded when the product has reached its destination. However, the Flexitank can be recycled for other uses, respecting the environment.

Flexitank can also be called flexibag or flexitank.

In what cases is it used?
Flexitank is used for the transportation of bulk liquids (BLT) of non-hazardous products, including liquid and chemical or industrial liquids.

Food products
Oils, vinegar, juices and concentrates, milks, wine, beer, spirits, mineral water, glucose ...

Chemical or industrial products
Biodiesel, lubricants, detergents, latex, silicones, shampoos / hair conditioners, pharmaceutical ingredients...

Although generally used for shipping, this system also allows for intermodal transportation.

What types of Flexitank are there?

  • Multilayer Flexitank: Multilayer Flexitank is much more flexible than a single layer, so you can better remove any product residue left on the walls once it is emptied.
  • Flexitank monolayer: they are more resistant and it avoids that remains of product between the layers, as it can happen with the multilayer flexitank.
  • Flexitank bilayer: an intermediate solution, which has a more flexible inner layer and a harder outer layer that protects flexitank.

Flexitank also varies depending on the product being transported. For example, for wine transport, we have Flexitanks with EVOH barrier, which prevents the entry of oxygen into the flexitank and preserves 100% product properties.

Advantages of Flexitank compared to other systems

  • It is cheaper than other containers (cisterns, barrels and tanks).
  • Easy and fast: A single person can carry out loading and unloading in a simple way.
  • High performance space: Has a higher payload and lower weight.
  • Hygienic and safe: Security guaranteed to be a single use, fully sealed avoiding oxidation and eliminating the risk of contamination.
  • Product Sampling: Provides the possibility to sample the product thanks to its quick coupling valve.
  • Clean and eco-friendly: Made of polyethylene, recyclable material and respectful of the environment.
  • Reduces transport costs: being a single use, reduces the cost of return and storage.
  • High resistance: The Flexitank withstands 2G forces without leaks or valve damage in case of accidents.





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