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In 2020, we introduced our Green Bulk strategy, which was a major step in our corporate responsibility journey.

Having closed and reviewed 2020, we were able to see the benefits and positive impact of embedding this strategy across the organisation through our 'four' focus areas: Strengthening Teams, Customer Service, Fostering Inclusion and Equality, and Designing Tomorrow.


At its core, Green Bulk represents our ambition to achieve the goals we set out to reach, first and foremost, our clients and therefore their customers, and to help them meet their deadlines with enthusiasm as we bring their projects to fruition.


At F. Ramos, we rely on our heritage, our knowledge and our experience as a responsible company, and we align our strategies with the priorities of each project and the needs of our clients.


Strengthening teams


At F. Ramos, we make sure that each of our company's departments thrives equally with a global recognition of quality. The job of the entire executive team is to work for innovation and to improve strategies in order to provide the best service to our customers and the best welfare to our employees.

Our goal: to invest in staff training for all F. Ramos teams and to particularly support employees in charge of logistics and transportation of liquid materials, so that they can take care of themselves, of each other and of their families.

Strategy priority actions:


  • To ensure the economic well-being of workers
  • To ensure professional and personal growth opportunities





Customer service


At F. Ramos we have a team of experts in logistics and transport with a solid training and a vast experience. Our technicians, our drivers and our maintenance and administration staff work day after day to offer the highest level of service and to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.


  • We offer tailor-made services for each of our clients' transport requirements.
  • We rely on our expertise, which leads us to the optimal strategy for each individual company.
  • Our priority actions are to offer better services, better logistics infrastructure, better vehicle fleet and inclusive customer experiences.




Promoting inclusion and equality


At F. Ramos, we are aware that the only way to accelerate economic progress is through inclusion and equality.

All of our teams are and will be unique within a framework of equality, be it gender, racial or religious. At F. Ramos, we all add up towards a tolerant and an inclusive society.


  • Our goal: to increase economic prosperity wherever we operate and to establish an inclusive working environment where cooperation is our exemplary model.
  • Priority actions: knowledge of the facts, promoting communication and involvement, fostering equal opportunities for all groups.



Designing Tomorrow


Green Bulk is a roadmap on how to build on our core strengths and leverage our competitive advantages, including our scale and size, as one of the largest liquid logistics companies in the country. With representation in Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg, and a supply chain covering more than 30 countries, we transport more than 425,000 tonnes annually, we build added value for small and large companies, and we work for a more sustainable planet for today, and a prosperous tomorrow.

As we take our new strategy forward, our work is also inspired by our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and the action needed to address the urgent issues facing our world today. We do not have all the answers and cannot achieve all the goals alone, but we are committed to working together collaboratively to achieve continuous improvement and to being transparent about what we learn.

We are ready and excited to continue on this path, and we want to inspire all our employees, managers and customers to join together to make this the greatest journey of F. Ramos.


  • Our goal: we take the circular economy "closing the loop" as our main sustainable strategy.
  • Priority actions: Responsible use of resources, Circular behaviour and innovation and Sustainable strategies.



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