27 January 2023


Our commitment to sustainability


One of our main priorities at Transportes F. Ramos is our strong commitment to sustainability. Thus, we allocate the appropriate resources to focus on minimizing our impact on the environment and reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible.


We therefore rely on innovation and technology to become increasingly sustainable. For example, by actively searching for lighter materials to integrate into our equipment or by incorporating new propulsion methods such as natural gas into our fleet.

Accordingly, and in our commitment to greater sustainability, during last year 2022 we achieved a reduction of the carbon footprint to a total of -3,984,135.8 kg while operating the multimodal services of VIIA & Lorry-Rail rail motorway. This is what VIIA has gladly announced to us when granting us its CO2 SAVER certificate for the year 2022, in which we counted a total of 3,957 routes completed. Opting for rail transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 94%, in addition to contributing to relieve congestion on the roads and reducing traffic accidents.


During last year 2022 we achieved a reduction of the carbon footprint to a total of -3,984,135.8 kg


Therefore, our intention is to continue to pursue our policy of responsible transportation by researching and incorporating into our daily actions the best tools and resources to work towards a greener future for all of us.




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