28 February 2023


Some considerations when transporting your bulk wine


Wine is a sensitive product, and bulk wine producers and distributors are not willing to take risks when it comes to transporting it. It will undoubtedly be essential that the transport is done properly so that the product can preserve its quality and properties.


One of the main considerations to take into account when transporting wine is to limiting to the maximum the amount of air contact with the wine. Therefore, it is crucial that no air is present in the container, otherwise it may cause oxidation. Accordingly, the inside has to be completely sealed and without gaps. On the other hand, sudden changes in temperature, cold, heat and extreme humidity can also alter its properties and reduce its quality, leading to possible refermentation and even contamination. To avoid all this and to maintain its qualities during transport, wine must be kept at a suitable temperature with minimal variation, so having the optimum technology for temperature control is essential.

Thus, prior to its transport, it will be necessary to take the appropriate measures so that the needs required by the particular variety of wine to be transported can be identified in a customised approach, and this will also imply choosing the appropriate type of container (isothermal, refrigerated, etc.).

On the other hand, other important factors to consider when transporting wine are the current legislation and all the regulations applicable to the different locations involved in the transportation process, which will require knowing them carefully beforehand, and keeping up to date with possible modifications and new additions. This will prevent the goods from being held up at certain points which may cause delays in delivery, as well as avoiding any potential fines as a consequence.

Those in the wine business know that a good brand positioning often takes years to build up, but could be lost in a matter of minutes due to not having foreseen good conditions when transporting wine. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we will inform you about the best solution for the optimal bulk transport of your product.




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