19 November 2018


New features of the new road transport regulation (ROTT)


One of the most important regulations to regulate the road transport sector in Spain is the ROTT (Regulation of Land Transport). For years, the modification of the ROTT should be in force, however, its approval has been postponed until now. Currently it is expected that its entry into force will be at the beginning of the year 2019.


After the meeting of the General Director of Land Transportation, Mercedes Gómez, and the National Road Transport Committee (CNTC), the modification of the ROTT is confirmed, which will maintain the seniority requirement and modify the minimum fleet requirement dictated by the last month of February.

Some of the issues addressed in the modification of the ROTT are:

  • The processing of the European mobility package
  • The obligatory nature of driving on toll motorways
  • The increase of taxes on diesel
  • Training plans for road transport
  • Participation in the Ecological Transition Government Plan
  • Infringements and penalties in good repute
  • Weight control at a distance
  • Certificate of professional aptitude CAP
  • Disappearance of physical authorization card





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