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We are specialists in transport solutions for liquid foodstuffs.


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Transport and logistics solutions for bulk liquids


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Strict control in all our tanks to ensure quality




Transportation services of bulk food liquids fit for human consumption.




Transportation services of bulk liquid feed for use in the feed chain as well as in the production of animal feed.




Also discover our range of tanks and services for the transportation of liquid products of animal origin not fit for human consumption.




Transportation services of liquid oleochemical products from animal and vegetable fats.


Customised solutions for your sector


We reach your destination, whatever your bulk liquid may be


We design the most suitable logistics strategies for your product, and we are constantly developing to meet all your needs.

. Transportes F.Ramos

Fruit juices


We provide transportation of all kinds of fruit juices under strict quality and safety control.

. Transportes F.Ramos



Logistics solutions for the bulk wine transportation under food safety standards.

. Transportes F.Ramos

Vegetable oils


We provide transportation of olive oil, sunflower oil, palm oil or soya oil in bulk throughout Europe.

. Transportes F.Ramos

Sugar and glucoses


We provide transportation of bulk liquid glucose and sugar derivatives, always under the strictest quality controls.




We contribute to creating a greener future for the planet and for all of us.


Find out about our Green Bulk strategy.




Solutions and advantages in the bulk liquid transport


Temperature-controlled tanks


A modern and sustainable fleet


High-efficiency tank cleaning


Self-unloading systems


SANDACH-certified tanks for the transportation of cat. 3 products


Load capacity up to 28 tonnes


Transport of ADR / FOOD and FEED bulk products


Storage of goods in tank containers




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21 March 2024


Renewed commitment to quality and safety in the transportation of liquid foods


11 December 2023


Innovación y Seguridad: Claves del Éxito en Transportes F. Ramos


01 August 2023


F. Ramos, ganadores del premio PYME. Un reconocimiento y una gran responsabilidad.


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