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Sustainability and speed whithin the transportation of bulk liquids.


Intermodal Transportation


A green, sustainable logistics alternative


The most competitive transport mode.




At F. Ramos, we love intermodality: it is the least impactful method for our environment. Our particular fleet of containers allows us to group the goods in a single load unit, and thus be able to use different transport options until they reach their destination.


  • 24/7 service availability
  • On-time delivery
  • GPS tracking
  • Real time quality control



Why choose Intermodal


Why we are ready to be your Intermodal Logistics Company.


Sustainable transport


Rail is a mode of transport that can carry large quantities of goods thanks to its wagon system, and long-distance rail transport is the most environmentally friendly land transport, as it uses electricity to operate and emits a minimum of CO2.


Speed and reliability


Rail transport is a reliable, safe and stable mode of transport, as it is not affected by the traffic congestion on our roads. This makes intermodal or multimodal rail transport an unbeatable alternative for those seeking a strictly scheduled departure and arrival.


Tanks and tankers


Our tanks and tankers are becoming more and more modern and numerous to suit a mode of transport that offers safety, efficiency and sustainability. We firmly believe that the transportation of liquid foodstuffs must follow very strict control guidelines. We have two basic principles at F. Ramos: to guarantee not altering the product, and scrupulous hygiene. For this reason, we have designed a cleaning process for each of our tanks and containers to guarantee the quality and inalterability of the product at its final destination.


Smart logistics


Our long experience in transporting food liquids and bulk liquids gives us the strength and confidence to design and provide logistical solutions for small, medium and large companies with different transport requirements. At F. Ramos, we analyse each individual case to offer our customers' logistics solutions that optimise their operations to the maximum.




At F. Ramos we promote the benefits of intermodal or multimodal transportation, the minimisation of CO2 emissions into our atmosphere and the safety of all the agents involved, while preserving the quality of the transported goods.


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