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Domestic and International transport and logistics.


Global bulk liquid logistics


Much more than a liquid food transportation company


At F. Ramos, we work to go beyond your delivery point. We design the right strategy so that your bulk liquid foods reach their destination without losing any of their properties.

We take care of everything so that the end consumer benefits from their food or by-product within the maximum quality guarantees.


Our tanks


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Our infrastructure is geared towards providing logistics and transportation services for liquid food within the highest standards of execution.

Our tanks meet all regulatory requirements and have the flexibility to adapt to any bulk transportation need, as we are aware of the crucial importance of the supply chain into the product life.




Transportation services of bulk food liquids fit for human consumption.




Bulk liquid food transportation services both for use in the animal feed chain and in the animal feed production.




Find out about our tankers and the solutions we can offer for the transportation of food products of animal origin unfit for human consumption.




Transportation services of oleochemical products.

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Our logistics company for bulk liquids has become one of the most reliable, fast and modern in the industry. The long-standing experience, evolution and growth of F. Ramos throughout Europe -with our offices in Spain, Portugal and Luxembourg- have facilitated its integration into the new high standards required in today's transportation services.

At F. Ramos, we work to ensure that each client has a tailor-made solution to arrive on time at their destination.


Quality control


All F. Ramos tanks are thoroughly cleaned and checked to provide the maximum guarantee of safety to our customers and prevent any kind of contamination of the cargo. Throughout our facilities, the specialist team verifies that each tank complies fully with the strict safety rules and regulations.

Meeting the transportation requirements of bulk liquids is our top priority, especially when it comes to sensitive food products.


Technology and security


As part of the ISO framework, all our tanks meet the requirements for transporting bulk food and liquids safely without altering their properties. Thanks to pressurisation and insulation systems, we can guarantee the stability of the goods.

The ISO standard also defines the dimensioning, which allows for easy stacking and transport, while maintaining the enormous structural strength required of vacuum-sealed high-pressure tanks.

This feature allows us to adapt to the most sustainable mode of F. Ramos, intermodal transport, in which we maintain and enhance safety thanks to current technology, providing shipping solutions for sensitive foods such as wine or juices, as well as for more volatile liquids such as alcohol. More about safety.





In order to offer a logistics service with guarantees of success, we study each individual case exclusively to find the best solution that suits all parties involved. We do not skimp on resources when planning an effective strategy, given the presence of sensitive products in most of the transported goods.

Our specialised team is at your disposal to help you and advise you at all times, and to provide logistical solutions to ensure that your bulk liquid arrives safely.


Sustainable commitment


For F. Ramos, it is a priority to move towards a low-emission business activity in order to reduce or mitigate the increasingly worrying impact of climate change. Our logistics company promotes ambitious goals to reduce carbon emissions, promote the sustainable use of natural resources and increase the recovery and reuse of head tractors, tanks and tankers.


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