Freight forwarding

At Transportes F. Ramos we offer complete transport and logistics solutions throughout the world by land, sea and air.

We coordinate the different modes of transport in the most efficient way possible, adapted to the requirements of your goods in order for them to arrive at the time, place and, above all, in the conditions desired.

Furthermore, to facilitate all import and export processes, we are customs agents, allowing us to increase safety in the supply chain and speed up all procedures and inspections.


Flexitank is the safe, ecological and efficient solution for the transport of bulk liquid products. It consists of a flexible polyethylene bag which is much easier to transport, with a capacity of up to 24,000 litres, suitable for multimodal transport.

Some advantages of the Flexitank system are:

  • The loading and discharge of the product is faster and simpler: It can be carried out by a single person in 20 to 40 minutes, without need for a forklift.
  • Greater food safety: Being single-use, the danger of contamination with other transported products is eliminated.
  • Assured availability: The fact that a new flexitank is always brand new makes it always available, unlike other liquid tanks.
  • Environmentally friendly: no contamination. Once used, flexitank can be recycled for other uses.
  • Lower transport cost: The costs of returning or cleaning are eliminated.

Products and Capabilities:

The flexitank is suitable for virtually any non-hazardous liquid such as food, chemical or industrial products and offers different capacities ranging from 10,000 litres to 24,000 litres. Contact us for any questions or tell us what you need and we will offer different solutions adapted to you.

Assembly and supervision:

Transportes F. Ramos assures us personally of the quality of our services and materials. Therefore, we install and monitor the flexitank periodically to ensure that the product travels in perfect conditions. If desired and necessary, we can also install a thermal insulation system in the flexitank, to ensure that the desired temperature is maintained throughout the entire path.

There are different types of flexitank:

  • Multilayer: Its layers are thin and flexible, which facilitates loading and unloading of the product, however there is a risk that some layer will break and the product will be left between layers.
  •  Monocapa: Formed by a single layer thicker and tougher but less flexible, so it is not as manageable and may cause breakage due to excessive force.
  • Bicapa: It combines the advantages of multilayer and monolayer. Flexible yet tough, which makes it easier and eliminates the risk of breakage.
Sea transport:

Maritime transport is the cheapest mode of transport over long distances, with more storage capacity and great flexibility of materials transported.

Transport F. Ramos operates in major ports around the world, either through FCL full containers or LCL groupage. In addition, we offer custom warehousing, parcel collection and comprehensive tracking services.

Full Container or FCL (Full Container Load): These are containers fully loaded by a single shipper. We have different types of containers that adapt to your merchandise, taking into account their sizes and specifications.

  •  Dry Van 20′,40′ y 40’HC 
  • Reefer 20’RF, 40’RF Y 40’HRF
  • Open Top 20’OT,40’OT,
  • Flat Racks 20’FR, 40’FR
  • Contenedores Isotanks y Flexitanks. 

Groupage container LCL (Less Container Load): Also called partial loading, it allows you not to have to fill a complete container, since it is filled by different importers or exporters. Its main advantage is the reduction of costs, since the LCL simplifies the handling and transport of goods.


Aereo transport

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport, ideal for express shipments, and avoids the need to fill large containers, as their capacity is reduced compared to other means of transport.

In Transportes F. Ramos we have at our disposal the capacity to transport dangerous goods or perishable products. Through air transportation, you can ship your goods anywhere in the world in less than 48 hours of transit.



In Transportes F. Ramos, we take care of the coordination of different modes of transport for international shipments, including land, sea and air transport without any breakage of cargo.

Tell us what you want to transport and we will design the most efficient tailor-made solution tailored to your needs.


Customs management

Through our collaborating customs agents we reduce transit time, simplify all procedures and expedite all inspections and controls of goods at customs. The optimization of customs procedures allows us to increase security in the supply chain and reduce transit time.

Transport F. Ramos offers the following services in customs management:

  •  Management of import and export customs clearance
  • Processing of licenses
  • Customs and fiscal
  • Advice customs and fiscal
  • EORI
  • Register
  •   Management of OAS
  • requests
  • Customs warehouse (DA)
  • Deposit other than customs (DDA)
  • Internal processing procedure (ORP)
  • Outward processing procedure (OPR)
  • Customs legislation
  • Customs inspections
  • National and Community Transits
Logistics management

For us, the delivery of goods on time, under the desired conditions and in the most efficient way possible is one of our top priorities. That is why we take logistics management very seriously, being one of our primary functions.

The perfect planning of resources allows us to optimize the supply chain, reduce management costs, offer greater flexibility and improve the quality of service. The correct implementation and exhaustive control of the flows guarantee our satisfaction.

Whether it is transport and logistics in containers or other special means, we will design the solution that best suits your transport needs, taking into account the maximum efficiency, safety and quality of service.


Merchandise insurance

For the greater peace of mind of our customers, the merchandise always travels under a transport insurance. Whether it's land, sea or air, your merchandise will be covered by any unforeseen events.



Incoterms   are a set of international rules that determine the interpretation of the commercial clauses of the international sales contract. They regulate the delivery of goods, the transfer of risks, the distribution of expenses and the processing of customs documents.