Intermodal transport, the ideal alternative.

Thursday, 9 April, 2020

In these difficult moments that affect the different social and economic spheres around the world, the transport sector is also being affected with border closings, reduction of drivers, etc.

The ideal alternative for its great effectiveness is intermodal transport that allows the transfer of direct materials and goods by means of a loading unit (containers, cisterns) between different modes of transport (road, rail and short sea shipping).


Respectful with the environment, minimizes CO2 emissions and is a more sustainable model in general terms. By combining different means of transport, it manages to optimize waiting times, since the most efficient means are sought, reducing energy consumption.


Transportes Ramos with more than 100 cisterns and 200 containers (Isotanks) that allow the fastest change between means of transport, offers an alternative in intermodal transport that can help companies in Europe to be able to make their shipments by different routes in combined transport, connecting companies and suppliers and thus facilitate the transit of goods during the current situation that affects us.


Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient distribution of your cargo throughout the world, allowing connectivity with international trade centers.