F. Ramos transports bets for a natural alternative to diesel

Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

F. Ramos transports, in its clear commitment to sustainable solutions, includes 2 vehicles powered by Natural Gas that offer a clean and sustainable alternative to diesel.

With this technology, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced as well as the noise generated by the vehicle.

Important factors are also the economic ones, this new generation of vehicles powered by Natural Gas offer the same performance with lower fuel costs, allow entry to environmental areas, as well as night deliveries thanks to the acoustic reduction.

Natural Gas is an environmentally friendly fuel because it burns in a clean, efficient and safe way, it does not produce the sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain or solid particles. Thanks to its dissipation capacity it is also safe and the risk of leakage poisoning is non-existent.

The combustion of natural gas produces less greenhouse gases compared to other fossil fuels (diesel or gasoline) or coal.

F. Ramos transports thus begins its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and will expand its fleet of Natural Gas trucks during the following years.