What is the Bulk Pick & Pack?

Monday, 16 September, 2019

The Pick & Pack process refers to the collection and packaging of a reference, i.e. the preparation of commands from a central magatzem. If we see it in a more specific way, the PICKING is a reference to the preparation of the command, which includes the collection and grouping per series. This can be done manually, automatically or by combining the two procedures. PACKING is the packaging of a product, the presentation of the product to the consumer takes into account its characteristics and physical properties.

The process of preparation of commands, for both, is carried out in these two parts: the Pick (or collection) and the Pack (preparation and packaging). The selection and packaging simplifies and organizes the way to reduce costs and perform the service in the most efficient way possible. Choosing a good magatzem can generate great advances, with greater agility and precision.

Transportes F. Ramos performs Pick & Pack services within our integrated solutions of emmagatzematge and logistics. Our Pick & Pack system adapts to the needs of the client in order to respect all the requirements and owners of the product. Contact us for more information.